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ROSTA. fragments 01-05 (Krastal, 2017)

ROSTA. fragments 01-05.
A video by Chris Haderer.

ROSTA: A documentary from a project about the Russian futurist Velimir Chlebnikov and his text "Radio of the Future" (the workshop was part of the "50. Bildhauersymposion Krastal").
Project director: Alfred Woschitz

Entry in the International Movie Database

Filmed & directed by: Chris Haderer
Languages: German, Russian, English

Josef Ka
Martin Schinagl
Alfred Woschitz
Ursula Beiler
Herbert Golser
Elke Halbmayer
Erika Inger
Anno Sieberts
Wolfgang Wohlfahrt

Josef Ka
Martin Schinagl
Chris Haderer
Andreas Winterer (excerpts from "Lunasteam")
Babsi Winkler & Gernot Schwanter (rec. by Samuel Rindlisbacher)
Beethoven: Christ in the Mount of Olives, Op. 85
"Deadly Roulette" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

"Radio der Zukunft"
Text by Velimir Chlebnikov

Recorded at:
50. Bildhauersymposion Krastal
June/July 2017 on location.
[kunstwerk] krastal.

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