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BIG THINGS HAVE SMALL BEGINNINGS: Steve Jobs the Apple Expo in Paris in 1998.
A video by Chris Haderer.

In 1984, Apple introduced the Macintosh.
In 1985, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs left his company.
In 1997, he came back to manage Apple. His first measure there was to stop all charitable activities - as a way to save money.
Jobs started the new Apple business model with two Apple Expo-Shows. The first was the MacWorld Expo in Boston. At the Apple Expo in Paris he did his first European keynote. Then he introduced Mac OS 8.5 and a range of new hardware, including some high-end PowerMac G3s. He also declared the new love beetwen Apple and Microsoft.
In 2012, Apple is the world's most valuable brand. The company never resumed its charitable activities.
In 2011, Steve Jobs died.

This video contains digitally restored VHS-footage from the Apple Expo in Paris in 1998.
Recording & Producution: Chris Haderer
Support: Peter Hiess

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